Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ISO says no to OOXML

Did my eyes deceived me? Am I dreaming? Well, since half of the web say so, then it must be true: ISO voted no to OOXML.

The official voting result can be seen on Groklaw.

And you know what's that really makes my day? Look at who voted no to OOXML:

Thailand - TISI - O Member - Disapproval

(Source: Groklaw)

I have never been so proud of my country before. :-) Thanks to all those involve in the voting process. It's really glad to see Thailand did not falls into Microsoft lobbying campaign.

But it is not over yet, because there will be another round of voting in the early next year. But for now, it is good to see that yes, there is still something in this world that money cannot buy. :D

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^^ มาเยี่ยมบล้อคค่ะ